Bayshore estate to build 7,000 HDB Pirme or Plus flats

Bayshore will extend Bedok town and house 7,000 Housing Board units. The first Build-to-Order (BTO), or Build-to-Order, projects are scheduled to launch in the latter half of 2024.

These units offer views over the water and into the city. They are part of 10,000 homes being built on a 60ha plot, which is situated on land that has been reclaimed and lies between Upper East Coast Road East Coast Parkway.

The remaining 3,300 units will be private housing.

Bayshore will remove 31ha in forested land to make room for its new estate.

HDB told ST they would be working with National Parks Boards in order to identify and manage plants that have conservation value.

HDB stated on Monday the first BTO projects will have about 1,400 flexi flats of two, three, and four rooms.

Apartments overlooking East Coast Park have full height windows that allow residents to enjoy a waterfront view. Units facing Bedok Town will also be able take in city views.

Bayshore Drive – a new, central street – will be built in the center of Bayshore. This street will be lined up with restaurants, shops, supermarkets, medical and health facilities, sports facilities, recreational and leisure facilities, and resting spaces.

Bayshore, the car-lite estate will have cycling and hiking paths that will connect to the Round Island Route. This will create a continuous 150km park connection, as will a new 15km green corridor connecting East Coast Park Changi Beach.

The 400m “transit prioritization corridor” along this street will include bus-only lane, footpaths, cycle paths and wider, protected pavements. Bayshore’s green spaces will be spread throughout the development, with a new central park stretching 3ha from north to south. The open lawns are perfect for family picnics or walks.

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A new linear bayside park will include heritage elements such as seawalls marking the coast before the land was reclaimed. Playgrounds are also going to have a rustic look, and there will be various walking trails.

On the eastern edge of the estate is an integrated development that will connect to a Bedok South Metro station and a bus exchange. HDB said it will include retail shops and dining areas, as well residential units. However, it did not specify that the development was public or privately owned.

HDB said that Bayshore’s development will follow sustainable design guidelines and include smart infrastructure.

HDB confirmed that BTOs could fall into the Plus categories in the upcoming reclassification due to their desirable location, proximity to transportation nodes and amenities. BTO projects in better locations that fall under the Prime category and Plus category will have stricter terms for resale starting the second halves of 2024. These conditions include a 10-year occupancy minimum.

Desmond Lee of the National Department of Development said the Bayshore flats are the first HDB housing projects built along the East Coast since Marine Parade.

Bayshore has been designated as residential development in Bedok since 1998.

Bayshore is expected fully developed in the mid-2030s. The flats are designed to have “beamless” columns and structural beams. Homeowners can customize their layouts by removing the beams.

HDB has stated that Bayshore homes can be reached in five minutes by foot from the Thomson-East Coast Line stations Bayshore or Bedok South. The Bayshore MRT station is expected by 2024. Bedok South should be ready by 2025.

In the first BTO projects, for example the solar panels will be installed in the roofs. Also, the blocks will have a pneumatic transport system which uses a suction-like vacuum to transport the household waste from the underground pipes into a centralised bin center.

Bayshore could also be used to house new medical and educational facilities, as well as health and medical services. Temasek Secondary is to remain in the estate.

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